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Long distance parenting with the aid of LJ

User: daddysjustin
Date: 2007-05-29 10:17
Subject: Fantastic News.
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Hi Linds and Brian,

I hope you had a great weekend together. Sorry I couldn't join you, things were just too hectic to leave right now but all of that is about to change.

At the close of my exhibition at Oak Ridge Estate Wines, they had sold all five paintings for a total of $285 000. They are going to continue to sell art prints of the series and there will be royalties continuing to flow from those sales for at least the next 12 months. Michael also mentioned that there has been a sudden surge in orders for back issues of Rage. Money seems to be flowing in from everywhere at once, and I have you both to thank for it.

Since the product launch, I have received a steady stream of inquiries for commissions. The agent you recommended is great, Linds. Before the launch Angie advised me to pull the remaining pieces I had on show in small galleries around the city. Now she has secured me a solo show for November and we'll be asking a lot more for those same pieces. It's really exciting to have everything finally coming together.

I was just beginning to think I needed a bigger studio when I received notice on Friday that the lease on my apartment will not be renewed. I'm taking all of this as a sign that the time might be right to head home. Brian, when you come to visit with Gus I'd like to return to Pittsburgh with you both. I'll be selling most of my stuff, so there won't be much to take back. I'll probably send it by courier. Maybe Gus could stay with us a little longer back in Pittsburgh (if that's okay with everyone), I'd love to spend some quality time with him. A few days here and there is never enough, he seems to have grown up so much each time I see him.

I'm looking forward to spending my time painting, rather than doing menial work to pay the bills and trying to push my work to galleries every other spare moment. Hello art world! Justin Taylor has arrived at long fucking last.

Must go, I have a meeting with Angie in 40 minutes. (Brian, I did call but Cynthia said you were in a meeting with Remson and couldn't be disturbed. What's that about?)

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User: daddybrian
Date: 2007-05-04 09:09
Subject: Do you know what our son has been up to?
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Good morning Linds,

Not that I am at all doubting your supervision of our child, but did you know Gus just made a post to his journal?

I want to discuss the possibility of his birthday in NY with you before I reply to him. His message didn't seem to have your touch, can he log on by himself? If he did, well that's some achievement. His spelling also seems to have improved since the winter break, I guess the school is doing a good job if he managed that all on his own.

Have things settled down now with work? I know both you & Mel have been busy, but Deb's been on at me about seeing more of Gus' school work. If you don't have something to show her soon, I think she'll be up there to look it over in person. Cynthia, Ted and Emmett have also made comment about our lack of communication lately. It seems many of our friends check in on this regularly. You'd think they hadn't heard of more efficient means like email and the telephone. Being too busy is not an excuse they are going to take much longer.

Has a case of wine found its way to you yet? I sent it Monday. If so, you can probably see what has been keeping Justin so busy. The labels look fantastic, and the campaign has just been finalized, ready for launch this weekend. We will be at the Oak Ridge Estate Winery, Long Island for the weekend. Justin's work will be featured prominently and already rumor of the campaign has sparked interest in his work. Thanks for talking to him. I know he was worried about losing his integrity as an artist by joining with a commercial venture but with your advice, he managed to work out a deal that definitely works to his favor.

Sorry to keep this brief but I'm pushed for time this morning. I have a lot of work to do before I fly out at lunch time today.

Talk soon,
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User: daddysjustin
Date: 2007-03-13 18:39
Subject: Disney World post at last
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Sorry Lindsay,

We have been so busy, on the go all day, not getting back to the hotel room until late, and by the time we get Gus to bed, we have better things to do than write journal entries.

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom for a second time. We made it a short day so we could get Gus to bed early, and so Brian and I could actually have some time together in the evening (out of the bedroom that is).

Gus is having fun with the new camera I bought for him. Don't be alarmed, it didn't cost much - old technology. To think people used to pay hundreds for a 1.2 mega pixel camera? You can find his report and some of his very own pictures here.

I have some great shots of Gus enjoying himself with the animals, dinosaur exhibits, and Goofy and Pluto, I'll email those to you later. I don't really want holiday photos of the three of us on the web.

More later when time allows,
Love Justin

(oh ... Brian was over Disney after Animal Kingdom on Sunday. He took yesterday off to explore a health spa and work on his tan.)
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User: lindsaymp
Date: 2007-03-13 09:33
Subject: Hello. Is anyone out there?
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Excuse me !!! Where is my promised post? (Imagine my stern look here)

Have you gotten lost in the Magic Kingdom?  I'm not an anxious mother. Really. But it would be good to hear something from you today!

How is Gus going? What have you seen/done?  Brian, are you over all things Disney by now? I'm dying to know.

Love Lindsay xoxoxo (one for each of you)
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User: daddysjustin
Date: 2007-03-10 23:00
Subject: Arrived safe and sound!!
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Hi Linds and Mel !!

Well we're all here! After checking in, having dinner, and winding down time, it was a bit of a late night for Gus. He was just so wired by the time we caught up together at the airport and what we could see of the parks on the ride to the hotel only excited him more. I don't think he took a breath in those first two hours, it was talk, talk, talk. Sam sounds like a great friend, from the way Gus talks, you'd think their little trio spends every waking moment together. School and Toronto seem to agree with him.

Gus had a great flight and had the flight attendant firmly wrapped around his little finger. Brian got lots of attention too, but not the sort he would prefer. It seems that a single man traveling with a kid draws the female flight attendants like a magnet and he couldn't even catch the eye of the hot male steward. Brian's ego (amongst other things) is in need of some stroking now.

We've a big day planned tomorrow (and every day this week I'd say), we let Gus make the decision of where to go first, so it's off to Animal Kingdom. I think the fact they have a T Rex on display and a dinosaur ride had a lot to do with the decision. Personally I think the Dinosaur ride might be a bit too scary for him, but we'll see.

We'll get Gus to post when we have a spare moment.

Love to you both and to JR,

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User: daddybrian
Date: 2007-03-08 11:49
Subject: Change of plans
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The corvette needs some work and driving to Toronto is no longer an option. It's time I thought about a second car for such trips, probably an SUV.

The wonderful Cynthia (don't tell her I said that) has cleared my schedule and I'll be flying up tomorrow instead of driving Saturday. Make the spare bed, get Mel to buy good coffee and I'll be there around lunch time. I can pick Gus up from school if you'd like and I'll get some shopping done to pass the in-between time.

See you then,
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User: lindsaymp
Date: 2007-02-24 11:18
Subject: Using this rare quiet Saturday morning to keep in touch
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Gus is excited, Lindsay is fulfilled and amazingly, Mel is grateful for BrianCollapse )
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User: daddybrian
Date: 2007-02-13 08:27
Subject: It's fucking cold - I'm out of here!
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I'm in need of some warmth and sunshine and after much discussion and planning over the weekend, Justin and I have decided to take Gus to Florida for the holidays. Though I'm still not sure I can handle seven nights at Walt Disney World, Justin is enthusiastic enough for the both of us, and I know Gus will have the holiday of a lifetime. Keep this quiet though, I don't want anyone knowing I'm spending my holiday with fucking ducks and mice until after the fact.

I'll drive to Toronto on Saturday morning 03/10 so that I can accompany Gus on the plane. We fly out at 4.55pm, Air Canada, direct flight to Orlando. We'll be back 10.30am the following Saturday. I've booked a two room suite at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa so Gus will have his own room and bathroom and it's close to all the parks. I want Gus to make the most of every minute, because I may not be this insane again. Don't ever let it be said I don't make sacrifices for my kid, I don't think sacrifice gets much bigger that seven nights in a Disney signature hotel.

I'll talk the details through with you this evening when I call,


P.S. How many people know about Gus' journal? I've had three people (Deb, Mikey, Theodore) tear me to shreds over not commenting on his last post. I hardly see the point since I talked to him the next night, but I did comment just to shut Deb up. She can be relentless, I'd rather stay on her good side for the moment. Justin's discussion with Gus seems to have earned him big points in the popularity stakes here in Pittsburgh.

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User: lindsaymp
Date: 2007-02-03 22:30
Subject: The start of a new life.
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Positive influences and plans to be madeCollapse )
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User: lindsaymp
Date: 2007-01-18 08:37
Subject: A long overdue update
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Hi Brian and Justin.

I am so sorry for my tardiness with this journal update. As you can imagine, things are back to their usual chaotic state. I can't wait until February 5th. Working at the AGO is going to make everything so much easier.

New Year, New FriendsCollapse )

Much love to you both,
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